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eTNS Therapy

Sometimes the best approach is a simple one. Such is the case with the Monarch eTNS System, a non-invasive medical treatment that uses mild electrical signals to stimulate branches of the trigeminal nerve. Stimulating the trigeminal nerve offers a non-surgical alternative to vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) and deep brain stimulation (DBS), which requires surgical implantation of a device in the patient's chest, neck, and brain.

The unique Monarch eTNS system offers a new option in managing ADHD, epilepsy, and depression. If you or a loved one might benefit from eTNS, please contact us online and a NeuroSigma representative will be in touch soon.


eTNS is a new ADHD treatment alternative without the side effects of medication that is now available directly to patients in the European Union.

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For Epilepsy

A completely new approach for the treatment of epilepsy, non-invasive nerve stimulation significantly reduced seizures in clinical trials.

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For Depression

As an adjunctive treatment for depression, the Monarch eTNS System represents an exciting, new option for the management of your condition.

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Monarch eTNS System

The Monarch eTNS System is a completely new, safe, and effective treatment for ADHD, epilepsy and depression. It is a non-invasive device, requiring no surgical procedure. Developed by top researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), this revolutionary system consists of a small stimulator that can be placed in a pocket, worn at the waist, or set on a nightstand. The stimulator is connected to a patch that is placed on the forehead, and sends electrical impulses that stimulate the trigeminal nerve through the surface of the skin. The patient can use the Monarch primarily while they are asleep.

The low-energy stimulus is confined to the soft tissue of the forehead without direct penetration into the brain. PET imaging studies in humans confirm that eTNS inhibits key regions of the brain involved in epilepsy and activates key regions of the brain involved in depression. The changes were observed within minutes of therapy.

How the Monarch eTNS System Works

The system takes advantage of the physiology of the trigeminal nerve. Not only is it a high-bandwidth pathway whose branches extend deep into the brain – a virtual "USB port to the brain" – its branches are located close to the skin's surface just above the eyebrows. This allows the nerve to receive electrical pulses through the skin. With the Monarch system, patients use a small patch that delivers the electrical impulses. Two wires extend from the patch to a device about the size of a cell phone.

Patients apply a new, fresh patch each day and most will find they can wear the patch while they sleep. For the new user, the level of electrical stimulation is initially set in consultation with their physician, and can be manually adjusted. The Monarch is painless, safe, and easy to use. Since the Monarch delivers a low-energy stimulus confined to the forehead's soft tissues without directly penetrating the brain, you can rest assured that eTNS is a safe and effective treatment for ADHD, epilepsy and depression.

An Exciting New Option

Electrical nerve stimulation, or neurostimulation, is an effective therapy for reducing epileptic seizures and treating depression. Until recently, however, neurostimulation for epilepsy was delivered via a pacemaker-type device surgically implanted in the patient's chest that sent pulses to an electrode wrapped around the left vagus nerve in the neck, or through deep brain stimulation (DBS) via electrodes implanted in the brain.

Several years ago, researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) discovered they could significantly reduce epileptic seizures by sending a steady stream of electrical signals to branches of the trigeminal nerve located just above the eyebrows. Since then, engineering research and human trials have led to the development of the Monarch eTNS system, which is now available throughout Europe.

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